NightLook Planetarium

Download Free version 1.5.12 (Updated Feb 13, 2016) (49 MB Download - 27,480 Stars)

Download Additional Stars (Updated Feb 13, 2016) (60 MB Download - 2,508,176 stars, Includes data on 6,293 variable stars)

Download Current Deep Sky Catalog (Updated Feb 13, 2016) (14,701 Objects) (Included in NightLookInstaller above)

NightLook Planetarium

NightLook is a program that displays a realistic view of the night sky as it might appear on a clear night. It shows the positions of 2,508,176 stars, 14,701 deep sky objects (from my Deep Space Catalog project), the sun, planets and many of their moons, and a few of the brighter asteroids and comets. (More objects to be added in the future.

Current count = 9 Planets (including Pluto), 63 Moons, 64 Asteroids, 12 Comets and 39 Meteor streams.

Orbits for the planets and moons are high accuracy fits to JPL ephemerides spanning 1950 to 2100. Asteroids are fit to numerical integrations spanning the same time. All orbits maintain high accuracy over the full time span. Planets and their satellites have arc-second accuracy. Asteroid positions have been compared to the Minor Planet Center observations and are within 30 arc seconds rms for all observations from 1950 to the present. Comets are from numerical integrations spanning the observable time range.

You can view from any location on the Earth or many other solar system objects.


Lunar Eclipse with reddend Earth shadow



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NightLook Planetarium

NightLook Planetarium

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