Deep Space Catalog Project - Non-Stellar Objects

The Deep Space Catalog project's purpose is to accurately re-measure positions, sizes, and orientations of non-stellar deep sky objects from photographic images (primarily Palomar Sky Survey II plates) astrometrically fit using UCAC4 stars.
This is a combined catalog incorporating data from other catalogs (Radial Velocities, Magnitudes, Classes)

Many catalogs contain entries copied from previous catalogs without verifying the accuracy or even existence of the object. Every object in DSCN is verified and measured from images using custom software written by me. This is not a bulk automated search, each object is individually selected for measurement from the images. This takes time which is why donations are needed to keep the work going.

This is an on-going process and updates will be released every month.

Status Picture
Sky Coverage Status - Centered on RA=0,Dec=0

This data is used within NightLook for it's deep sky objects.
Please note: The files below are not NightLook formatted. For NightLook you can use this installer.

Latest update on Feb 13, 2016
Download uncompressed file of DSCN
Download Zipped file of DSCN

Current Contents: 14,701 Objects, 27,663 Catalog Identifications (excluding DSCN)
98 Bright Nebulae
48 Clusters with Nebulae
27 Dark Nebulae
194 Globular Clusters
13,482 Galaxies
436 Open Clusters
240 Planetary Nebulae
172 Quasars
4 Supernova Remnents

DSCN File Format
02A2Object Type [1]
39F9.5Right Ascension J2000 (Deg)
139F9.5Declination J2000 (Deg)
238F8.2Proper Motion in RA (mas/yr)
328F8.2Proper Motion in Dec (mas/yr)
419F9.1Radial Velocity (km/s, 0 = Unknown)
5110F10.1Distance (kpc, 0 = Unknown) [2]
628A8Class (- for Unknown)
717F7.1Major Diameter (arc-sec) [3]
797F7.1Minor Diameter (arc-sec)
873I3Position Angle (Deg)
914F4.1B Mag (99.0 = Unknown)
964F4.1V Mag (99.0 = Unknown)
1014F4.1R Mag (99.0 = Unknown)
106xxNames and Catalog Identifiers (! before Common Names)

[1] Note on Object Type
BN = Bright Nebula
CN = Cluster with Nebula
DN = Dark Nebula
GC = Globular Cluster
GX = Galaxy
OC = Open Cluster
PN = Planetary Nebula
QS = Quasar
SN = Supernova Remnant

[2] Note on Distance
Most galaxy distances are base on radial velocity and Hubble Constant = 71.0 (km/s)/Mpc

[3] Note on Diameter
Most quasar sizes arbitrarily set to 5 arc-sec for map plotting